Jackie Ashcroft / Induction in 2024

Jackie Ashcroft


To be inducted in 2024

Widely regarded as one of the best athletes to ever wear the red and white, she earned all-state basketball honors as a senior, averaging 22 points per game and leading the Jack Pine Conference in steals, culminating in a 32-point outburst in the Beavers’ regional championship game. She was a demon on the track, capturing school records in the 100m and 200m dashes as a sophomore and anchoring two record-breaking relay teams in the 1600m and 3200m relays, records that continued to stand at the time of her induction.


  • Averaged 18 points junior year
  • Averaged 22 points senior year
  • (1st Team all-conference and all-state)
  • Lead conference in steals senior year
  • Lost in regional finals by 1 point to Manistee senior year (Scored 32 points)


  • Still holds the 100 and 200 meter dash records
  • (Broke both of those records in her sophomore year)
  • Member of 3 current relay school records
  • 4X100, 4X400 and 800 relays.

What was it like growing up in Beaverton?

I moved to Beaverton the summer before my Freshman year. It was apparent that everyone knew everyone and it was a tight-knit

What was your favorite sport to play while growing up as a child?

As a child, my favorite sport was softball. Once I played hoops ONE time, I was hooked. Basketball continues to be my #1 favorite sport (yes even more than football)

Who were some of your top competitors in the area?

There was one chick from Meridian and I can’t even remember her name! She was super quick in the 100m and 200m dash. We were always neck and neck and we definitely pushed each other to run harder. I think it’s good to have someone like that to push you.

What were some of your most memorable moments as an athlete?

Basketball practices and bus rides. Working on our full court press and the comaraderie between us riding to and from the games.

What was your proudest athletic achievement?

32 points and my best game ever offensively and defensively against Manistee. Stealing. I loved to steal and make other girls miserable when guarding them. HAHA. Our full court press was pretty tight. I also was proud going to state in track for our relay teams.

Do you have any great locker room/bus ride/huddle/practice/game stories?

Favorite locker room story was a game we were playing just terribly and Doyle came in and kicked a garbage can in the air and it was raining paper towels! We were all surprised because he rarely lost his cool. I think he said clean it up and get out there. I always liked tough coaches. NO sugarcoating.

Who inspired you or who did you look up to athletically?

Doyle Durkee. And it was back when the Tigers had Chet Lemon and Pistons - Isaiah Thomas.

What does the word “Beaverton” mean to you?

Beaverton means Heart and Soul, to me. It’s amazing the community atmosphere and love and support that comes from such a
tight-knit community. I am very proud to say that Beaverton, Michigan is MY home town.

What are your thoughts about this year’s Inductees?

Well, I’ve always had great respect for Aaron Wentworth. He is a great mentor, teacher and coach. He was like a second family to my older son, Andrew and took him to see the Lions every year. One of those people who invests themselves selflessly to others. A God send to any community, so Beaverton is lucky to have him around. James Rhule, I know I watched some of his games! He was a little younger than me. I went to school with John. What a natural all-around athlete!

What are your thoughts about being inducted into the Beaverton Athletics Hall of Fame?

Well, I am truly honored to be chosen. First of all because I’m a girl, and secondly I’m most appreciative to be in such a healthy place in my life to accept the award with integrity and gratefulness. It just goes to show the continued love and support I have received from my home-town over the years. I am also greatly honored that this is happening on Roy Johnston's last basketball game. This really touches my heart as he has always been very supportive and kind to me. (not sure I’d say that if he had been my basketball coach- haha) but my sister Andrea was lucky enough to have Roy.

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Jackie Ashcroft Brag Board

“Congratulations Jackie on being enshrined into the 2024 class of the Hall of Fame! You were an outstanding athlete in two sports, and to still hold records after all of these years is unbelievable.”

– Scott Govitz

“Jack, congrats on being one of the most deserving inductees the Beaverton Hall of Fame has ever produced. In my opinion, you are at the top of the list for greatest all around athletes to ever put on the Red and White! I’m so happy for all you’ve accomplished and I’m proud to call you a life long friend.”

– Shad Woodruff