1988 Girls Track Team / To be inducted in 2019

1988 Girls Track Team


To be inducted in 2019

1988 BHS Girls Track Team, a standout squad of student athletes that attained all-state team and individual honors.

1988 Girls Track Team
1988 Girls Track Team
1988 Girls Track Team
1988 Girls Track Team
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1988 Girls Track Team Brag Board


Congratulations ladies! It’s hard to believe it has been over 30 years since we ran together. There is no better way to unite us in time than through this distinguished recognition. It’s crazy to think we achieve so much WITHOUT a track of our own. I think that truly demonstrated our dedication to the sport and to each other! We had a talented team, a hard-working coach, and amazing fans! Thank you Beaverton for your support and thank you ladies for the incredible memories.

– Jodi (Ware) Hayes

We worked hard at every practice always pushing each other to do our best, when someone was having a bad day we worked hard to pick each other up and always support each other 

– Mary Dassay

This team was a very special team to say the very least.  My only regret is that I didn’t realize at the time just how special they were,  the seniors of this team, where freshman my 2nd year of coaching track in Beaverton.  I began to think it was normal to place 1st or 2nd in large invitationals, to be first in the conference and to qualify more than half of the team for the state meet and have them take 8th over all at the state level.  Now I know what an amazing group of athletes the 1988 team was.  The three records that where set at the stat meet are still on the record board in the BHS gymnasium.

– Sherry Garvin