John Bair / To be inducted in 2019

John Bair


To be inducted in 2019

BHS football standout John Bair, a distinguished playmaker on the field and unmatched leader in the area of youth football in Beaverton.

You've spent an unusually large amount of your life obsessing about Beaverton football. Why? What is it about the sport that made you love it so much?

We didn’t win many games the years that I played, but I loved to play anyway, loved the game and always wanted to see Beaverton successful in football.  The things I love so much about the sport is the competition, how physical the game is and being part of a team.

You enjoyed quite a bit of success on the playing field. Which teammates helped bring out the best in your game? How did they do that?

Dusty Gerow and Chet Loar.  Dusty was our QB and a very good leader on the field.  Chet and I were running backs and linebackers together.  We worked well together and had a lot of trust between us.

Who were the players from other schools who gave your team the most headaches? What was your approach in trying to beat them?

Chris Pappas from Houghton Lake and Jamie Herkel from Coleman.  Both guys were fast and to stop them we had to stop the outside.

Who was the coach that you learned the most from, and what did he or she teach you?

Coach Kurt Faust.  I learned teamwork, leadership, and discipline from him and to always be enthusiastic about the sport.

What are your favorite three memories from your playing days?

First is being moved up my sophomore year. Second is beating Meridian and Farwell in overtime and leading the conference in tackles.

In football, who are a handful of your all-time Beaverton High School players?

My son, the guys that I played with and all of the kids I’ve been fortunate enough to coach.

How has the game of football evolved from when you played until now?

The game is a lot faster now, more complex, kids are bigger, stronger and faster. Offense is way more advanced.

What is your proudest Beaverton football moment as a player, coach or fan?

Watching my son Cavin’s group go undefeated all the way through youth football.

After years of struggling, BHS football is in a very good place right now. How much does the development of youth football have to do with that?

I truly believe it helps to give the kids a chance to get started at third grade. Installing some of the basics that they’ll need to know at the high school level. Most of the kids leave the program with the competitive drive that they need to be successful.

If you had to describe the path of Beaverton youth football, from those earliest days to today, when kids in the program are the foundation of successful high school teams, how would you do it? What are the keys to this successful program?

Some of the keys to our youth program are a large community backing, a good amount of kids every year, and a dedicated board and coaching staff.

What thoughts and/or memories can you share about a couple fellow members in the Hall? Do any of them mean anything special to you?

I enjoy talking football with Ken Govitz (and other sports too).  My first year of football, Coach Van would sometimes help at practices, I was both inspired and intimated by him.

How does it feel to be enshrined alongside this growing list of respected athletes in the BHS Hall of Fame?

It is truly an honor to be considered part of this group.

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“Congratulations on your nomination and induction John. Thanks for all of the hard work on and off the field. Your dedication to both playing football and to the youth is admirable and something for you to be proud of and the community to be thankful for.”

– Scott Govitz