Andrea Calhoun Redman / To be inducted in 2023

Andrea Calhoun Redman

Track & Field

To be inducted in 2022

This 1978 BHS graduate enjoyed a distinguished high school athletic career on the oval during a golden age for the school in the sport. An excellent performer in the 110-yard hurdles, she was a three-time conference champion and back-to-back regional champ, setting the school record in the event, a distinction she holds to this day. She also served as the anchor on three excellent 440- and 880-yard relay squads and her commanding presence led the girls’ team to consecutive regional championships and individual all-state recognition in 1976, 1977, and 1978.


1976: Conference Champ and Regional 2nd place in the 110 yd hurdles, anchor of 440 and 880 yd relays
1977: Conference and Regional Champ in the 110 yd hurdles, anchor of 440 and 880 yd relays
1978: Conference and Regional Champ in the 110 yd hurdles, anchor of 440 and 880 yd relays

Andy also holds the school record in the 110 yd hurdles (an obsolete event in the state of Michigan)

What was it like to grow up in Beaverton?

Like family. I knew most of my class mates from early elementary school and we all grew up together. We rode bikes together often and Neville’s Pharmacy and soda fountain was a popular hangout.

What was your favorite sport to play growing up as a kid?

Horseback riding was my first love, but even then I ran everywhere.

Who were the top competitors in the area?

By far my biggest competition came from Karen Dutcher of Houghton Lake.

What where some of your most memorable moments as an athlete?

I can still remember my senior year at Northwood when Dave Keeley asked me if I knew what I had just done - I had just tied the state record in the 110 yd. hurdles at 14.9 seconds.

What was your proudest athletic achievement?

Finishing with three state final medals, a sixth place finish in 1976, a 5th place finish in 1977, and a 4th place finish in 1978.

Any great locker room/bus ride/practice/game stories?

Being pre-track facility, we practiced on the “goat path”, a limed off oval of sorts in the area where the softball diamonds are now located. Relay hand-offs where often practice on the once oval drive in front of the then high school.

Who inspire you or who did you look up to athletically?

Mr. Dunlop got me into hurdling. Part way through my freshman year he suggested that I try hurdles. He gave me tips and drills to try and it turned out be a great fit. I also looked up to Doyle Durkee for his work ethic and dedication to the sport and his encouragement to me.

What does the word “Beaverton” mean to you?


What are your thoughts on being inducted into the Beaverton Athletics Hall of Fame?

I feel it is a privilege and honor to be recognized and be included in the group of outstanding athletes. I feel that the Hall of Fame is a positive for our school and community.

What have you accomplished since High School?

School board for 4 years, earned my 2nd degree black belt in Karate, participate in endurance horse rides that are 25 or 50 miles long.

Andrea Calhoun Redman
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Andrea Calhoun Redman Brag Board

“Andy was a terrific track star for the ladies in the late 1970’s. Like some of her siblings, Andy was blessed with speed, and made running look effortless and smooth. Congrats on your induction Andy!”

– Scott Govitz


“In the late 70’s the Beaverton track facilities were pretty dismal. The track teams practiced behind the high school on a track path that had been measured out close to the 400 meter. We called it the Goat Path. Our coaches Ms. Sherrod for the girls and Mr. Dunlop for the boys both encouraged all of us to just run your best race.

Andy (Calhoun) Redman was a very competitive, determined athlete. Some say her speed was attributed to her very long toes. But I know that chasing her horse around in the pasture also helped her speed and agility. She learned to run the hurdles in the school hallways, grass, and sometimes the parking lot, so when our team had a meet on asphalt there was no stopping her speed. I have always been in awe of Andy’s competitive spirit and how she always went full throttle in a race. She has continued her athletic competitiveness even today with her endurance riding and has the same thrill for speed as a young girl. Stay strong and keep that competitive edge Andy. Congratulations and so very proud of you!”

– Tammy Graham


“I’m not sure where to start with my sister Andy. She has always been an excellent runner. She put a lot of hard work and determination into running the hurdles and the relays.

When we were in High School, we didn’t have the nice track that is there today, we had the “goat path”. Even with those odds she still managed to be a top-notch runner. She went to state 3 times for the 110 Hurdles and improved her standing each year. Andy was a smooth runner going over the hurdles and it was fun to watch her. She didn’t seem to be deterred by the competition.

Running the relays, she was the anchor, and you better not think that just because you were ahead of her it was going to end that way. Andy put the same determination with being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and sister. She has served on the Beaverton School Board just as our dad did. She was also a nurse for 31years. She has served on the board for the Michigan Endurance Riders. She did endurance rides with her horses for many years and still has horses for pleasure riding now. I am proud to say Andy is my sister and so proud she is considered one of the great athletes from the golden age of Beaverton Schools.”

– Jill O’Rourke


“I am so very happy, proud, and excite for Andrea Calhoun Redman to receive the honor of being inducted into the Beaverton High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

Andrea has been a thoughtful, quiet, and determined person in anything she ever decided to do. She practiced the hurdles in the summers during her high school years. Borrowing a hurdle from school, she put it in the yard, and worked diligently on her technique all summer long. It was no surprise that she was All State twice in the hurdles plus winning numerous medals in other track events during her high school years.

She went on to become a registered nurse. She married and became a wife and mother of two sons, while maintaining her job as a nurse. Her love of horses led her to become recognized in the skill of endurance racing. She felt a loyalty and responsibility to her school and community and served as a school board member. Her love of sports for high school girls was the source of her becoming a basketball referee.

Congratulations on receiving such an honor!”

– Lorraine Veldman


“Our family is very proud of our sister, Andrea Calhoun Redman, who is being inducted into the BHS Athletic Hall of Fame. She has always been a great runner. In fact, she has covered a lot of miles over the years (7,020 miles to be exact.)

The miles of her endurance races were through the woods, up hills, down hills, crossing rivers, jumping over narrow creeks. The weather could be hot, cold, windy, wet or dry. This takes skill, and it takes determination to travel 25 miles at a time and sometimes 50 miles. Sometimes, she would start on one side of Michigan and ended up on the other side of Michigan. Those races were called Shore to Shore. It was not her sisters who helped her, as you might think. It was her very supportive husband, Bryan Redman and a few others, like, Naharsyn, Spirit, Eddie, Guiness, Breeze, CFZam, Nykabey and Rags. Yes, these were the names of her wonderful endurance horses.

Andy has always been a person of determination, a person of integrity and an attitude of never giving up. She is honored tonight for her athletic ability in track, but make no mistake, we are proud of all her accomplishments, of which there are many.

– Pam Cingano