91 Girls Basketball Team / To be inducted in 2017

1991 Girls Basketball Team


To be inducted in 2017

The 1991 girls’ basketball team has been described as gutsy, determined, hardworking and by coach Doyle Dukee, a three-time entrant in the Beaverton Hall of Fame as “Amazing girls! Easily the best group of girls I ever coached.”

Giving the Beaverton community their first regional victory and only trip to the quarterfinals for girls’ basketball, this team played amongst some of the greatest basketball competition ever known in the Jack Pine Conference. While finishing third in the conference to outstanding teams and all state players, the team would finish with a 14-5 mark and a trip to the quarterfinals electrifying the community with wins in District and Regional thrillers before a season ending loss to Kingsford.

Front row, left to right- Beth Engler, Tina Argyle, Katie Parker, Dena Argyle, Haley Brubaker, Colleen Ruhle and Sally Grant
Back row, left to right- April Coopersmith, Lynn Wagner, Jen Johnston, Missy Gunningham, Doyle Durkee, Heather Wesley, Jen Oldani and Karrie Snyder

Standings  |  3rd in the Jack Pine 

League  |  10-4

Overall  |  14-5


Katie Parker, Tina Argyle, Dena Argyle, Karrie Snyder and Sally Grant

Katie Parker  |  5'8" senior co-captain, 3 year varsity player.  |  Strong rebounder and a tough inside player.

Tina Argyle  |  5'6" senior co-captain, 4 year varsity player.  |  Team leader and had a great outside shot.

Dena Argyle  |  5'6" senior, 4 year varsity player.  |  Pure shooter and lit it up from the three point line.

Karrie Snyder  |  5'3" senior, 3 year varsity player.  |  Ran the point guard position and was great on defense.

Sally Grant  |  5'9" senior, 2 year varsity player.  |  Post up player and has a strong inside shot.

Jen Oldani  |  5'7" junior, 3 year varsity player.  |  Post player and worked very hard on her game.

Missy Gunningham  |  5'5" senior, 2 year varsity player.  |  Shooting guard and can play any three positions well.

Beth Engler  |  5'10" senior, 2 year varsity player.  |  Hard worker, post player and rebounder.

Jen Johnston  |  5'6" sophomore, 1 year varsity player.  |  Versatile player that handles and shoots the ball well.

Lynn Wagner  |  5'6" junior, 1 year varsity player.  |  Post player, rebounder and tough defender.

Heather Wesley  |  5'5" junior, 1 year varsity player.  |  Shooting guard and really quick on defense.

Haley Brubaker  |  5'8" junior, 1 year varsity player.  |  Forward/post position and strong rebounder.

April Coopersmith  |  5'2" junior, 1 year varsity player.  |  Point guard with a great attitude and works very hard.

Colleen Ruhle  |  5'7" junior, 1 year varsity player.  |  Hard worker, good defense and rebounding.

Andrea Ashcroft  |  sophomore on the JV team.  |  Shooting guard, brought up during tournament play.


 91 Girls Basketball Team Brag Board


“It was just such an honor to play with such a talented group of girls, and their dedication to the game was amazing.”

– April Coopersmith Cornell

“Amazing girls! Easily the best group of girls I ever coached. They put in so much hard work, every day, to be the best that they could be. They attended basketball camps, and were at every practice. They were a very talented team. And so close as a team! They were a group of girls that worked well together, loved each other, and just had a great time.”

– Coach Doyle Durkee

“At the time you don’t realize how good your coach was. Now, as an adult and having coached, I know how hard it is to motivate young people and I think Doyle (Durkee) did a really great job as a coach. We were so close and really motivated as a team.”

– Sally Grant Hitsman

“We are pleased to comment on the 1991 Beaverton Girl’s Basketball Team being inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame.
They were a phenomenal team that richly deserves this honor.

Right from the beginning, everyone knew this was going to be a special season. These girls had played together since junior high and loved basketball. All of the fans didn’t mind sitting on bleachers two to three times a week because they were so much fun to watch! This team had the support and guidance of their coach, Doyle Durkee, as well as their families, friends and school. That, and their positive attitude, helped them excel as they did.

There were many highlights from this season, but the Perry game that put them into the state quarter finals was a special highlight for our family. This game was won basically at the buzzer. When we realized Sally had made the shot, it was one of our family’s proudest moments. Anyone attending the game that night knows that while it was the winning shot, it alone did not win the game. Every girl that set foot on the court that night gave her heart and soul for that win. That sums up this team. These were a group of girls that did not want to quit playing
basketball, and it showed. They left us with many special memories. They were awesome!”

– Dan and Patty Grant Family