Allen Friday / To be inducted in 2020

Allen Friday

Team Manager

To be inducted in 2020

An enduring presence who was unquestionably synonymous with Beaverton basketball, he had served as team manager for 25 years at the time of his induction without missing a single game. Every bit as much of a fixture of Beaverton basketball as hard work and the Beaver Shuffle, he was beloved in the community and the gym, and was often heard from the end of the Beavers’ bench, encouraging his favorite team to box out and grab another rebound.

  • Beaverton Beavers basketball manager for 25 years
  • Never missed a game

Why do you think you’re getting this award?

For being with Mr. Johnston for 25 years.

Why are you excited about being in the Hall of Fame?

Because I am getting an award for being with the team for 25 years and I get to do it at the same time as Jennifer Johnston.

What are some of your favorite memories of being on the team?

Being with Steve Pribbernow, being with Mike Dodman, and the team getting into a fight over at Pinconning High School and when Peter dunked it! I thought the whole rim was coming down!

What can you say about Mr. Johnston?

I like Mr. Johnston because he has always gotten me a lot of stuff, he takes me to Tony’s and he always has me over for fish fries.

What can you say about Scott Govitz?

He’s funny, he does a good job talking at the games and he brings fish for Mr. Johnston’s fish fries.

Who are your favorite players from Beaverton basketball?

Jeff Johnston, Mike Dodman, Spencer, Carter, Grant Johnston, and Peter Maxwell. Also, I love that Mr. Paxton and Mr. Dillon always bought me popcorn!

Have you ever missed a game in those 25 years?


What are some of Mr. Johnston’s basketball rules?

Take a charge, that’s when you get in front of someone and they tip you over. Shooting your free throws, bend your knees and push up! Mr. Johnston always yells “block out, get a rebound!”

Who is your favorite team?

The Beaverton Beavers are my favorite team in the whole wild world!

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Allen Friday Brag Board

“Nothing is more important to Al than game night and getting to go to the gym to watch his favorite team, and fish fry afterward. ‘Get the rebound’ is just one of the many Allenism’s that he inherited from the coach that taught him basics as a teacher and then brought him alongside as a basketball manager and to continue his outward growth. Roy, like the entire Beavers basketball family and Beaverton community have taken Allen under their wings and have watched as he has grown in his years as a person, dedicated Beavers fan, manager and yes, popcorn aficionado. People like Scott and Josh Loose and many other community members continue to provide support for Allen, and in the truest sense, offer what Beaverton family is all about, and that’s looking out for one another and offering love and support. Good Job Al, thanks for your dedication and congratulations!”

– Scott Govitz

“Allen has become the go to guy when getting advise for the upcoming game. When asked , what do we need to do to win next weeks game, his answer will be BOX OUT and MAKE YOUR FREE THROWS. Cindy and I personally enjoy our friendship with Allen during the games and at the fish fry after the home games. Almost every game Allen comes up to me to remind me of the fish fry or tell us Govy’s funny and Shad’s Crazy. Allen will never understand his importance and what he means to Beaverton basketball. Congrats!”

– Bob Woodruff

“Among the many things I’ve learned under Coach Johnston, there are a few that stand out as pillars of his program that I believe are mostly responsible for his success. Hard work pays off, attention to detail and loyalty to those who are loyal to you.

Aside from immediate family members, I can not think of two people who have been more loyal to each other than Roy and Allen. For over a quarter century these two have been fixtures on the sidelines every winter, barking at players and refs alike, almost in unison! In fact, 2020 marks Allen’s 25th year as the Beaver’s manager and Roy’s 50th year as head coach. To this day neither have missed a single game!

As a fan, player and current coach I have spent nearly 4 decades as part of the boys basketball team. The program has become like an extension of my family and Allen Friday is a very important piece of that family. Allen and I are close in age and grew up going to school and riding the same bus together. I can’t remember a time in my life that Allen wasn’t there and over all of these years, consider him a very special friend.

Allen is and always will be a huge part of our team and I look forward to many more years of long bus rides listening to one of Allen’s renditions of Metallica or Korn!

I know Allen is very proud to be inducted into the hall of fame and excited to keep munching on popcorn and routing for his beloved Beavers!!!!! Congrats buddy! Woody loves ya!”

– Shad Woodruff