Steve Brown / To be inducted in 2023

Steve Brown

Track & Field

To be inducted in 2023

In an era considered to be one of the best in BHS track and field history, this 1974 graduate was a standout performer. As a junior, he shattered the school long jump record by nearly a foot; a year later, he broke his own record with a jump of 22 feet, 4.5 inches, a mark that stands to this day. He dominated the conference meet in his senior year, winning four events and breaking Jack Pine records in the long jump and the 100-yard dash. He continued his record-setting high school career across numerous local and regional events, eventually earning all-state honors and attaining a varsity letter as a freshman at Central Michigan University.


  • Broke Beaverton school record for long jump with 22 feet 4.25 inches
  • All State in Track


  • Jack Pine Conference Meet, first place in 4 events and broke conference record in 100 yd and long jump
  • Set long jump record at Ferris State Relays
  • Placed 1st at Spartan Relays at MSU in Long Jump
  • Broke meet and field record at Lancer Relays in Long Jump
  • CMU relays won Long Jump and set a meet record for class C with jump of 22-4 1/2.
  • Won Metzger Award in 1974
  • Finished 6th at Mansfield Relays in Ohio. Event was top track athletes from 6 states and Canada.
  • Midland Daily News All-Area Honor Roll as top long jumper
  • All-State in track
  • All Conference in Football


  • Offered a scholarship to run track at CMU and became a varsity letter winner my Freshman year.

Describe what it was like growing up in Beaverton.

Growing up in Beaverton was a great experience for me. Living in a neighborhood surrounded by cousins and friends was perfect. Sports activities of all types were a constant. Beaverton is a small town, so everyone knows everyone. My parents were very involved with the community and very supportive in our activities.

What was your favorite sport as a kid?

My favorite sport growing up as a kid was baseball. I always told my mom I was going to play for the Detroit Tigers!

Who were some of the top competition from other schools when you were in high school?

I would have to say Tom Jankowiak from Sanford, John Kern from Gladwin, Jim Burton from Coleman and Sam Onstott from St Louis all stood out as top competitors.

What were some of your most memorable moments as an athlete?

  • That feeling of excitement you had as the game or the meet was about to start. You look around and see your family, friends, and community in the stands all cheering you on. Not much can beat that.
  • Another memory isn’t exactly a good one, but it is memorable. My freshman year, we got beat by Gladwin 73-0. My mom, who graduated from Gladwin, was so disappointed that she wouldn’t talk to me when I got home from the game.
  • Later, I remember scoring a touchdown in the Gladwin game that would have won the game. Unfortunately, it got called back due to an offensive penalty.

What are you proudest athletic accomplishments?

In 1973, I broke the school long jump record as a junior by nearly a foot. As a senior in 1974, I broke my own record again.

Any crazy stories that you would care to share?

I definitely remember one, and it involved the Woodruff twins. There was a track meet, I think in Harrison, where there is a small building in the infield. Dick Woodruff ran the one mile. As you ran past that building, you were actually out of sight for a bit. So on the last lap, Bob Woodruff (Dick’s twin) hid behind the building and took over Dick’s spot and full out sprinted the last 200 yards to win the event. I know Coach Van was not amused by that one!

Who were some of the other athletes that you looked up to when you were growing up.

Three come to mind. Dan Grant was one; I remember going to all his games and watching him run the ball. Mike Loar was another awesome football player and athlete. And I remember Rick Brubaker who was a great running back and friend.

What does Beaverton mean to you?

Beaverton is a great community where my parents and family, grandparents, cousins and friends all lived and grew up. All were great examples who worked to make Beaverton even better. Honest, hardworking people who loved to have fun as well.

What are your thoughts about being inducted into the Beaverton Athletics Hall of Fame?

First, it is a great honor to be included with all the other athletes and leaders that have been previously inducted. I am very proud to represent the “Class of 74”! I was lucky to have awesome coaches who were dedicated to helping us reach our potential and to be recognized for doing something I loved is pretty cool!

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Steve Brown Brag Board

“Congratulations Steve on your induction. It’s not often that you see a sporting record that lasts for decades. It was amazing at the time and remains a great feat in Beaverton track and field history!”

– Scott Govitz


My brother Steve was a very hard worker on the track field. But it had to be fun because he was surrounded by lots of talent and many of them were his good friends. John Dunlop was the coach. I know Steve respected and looked up to him and I know John also had the same respect and admiration for Steve. It’s crazy that your long jump record is still up there bet I’m sure glad it is!

Congratulations Steve on your induction into the BHOF!
You deserve this.
Your proud brother….Mike