Katie Parker Siwicki / To be inducted in 2023

Katie Parker Siwicki

Track & Field

To be inducted in 2023

This 1992 graduate’s name appears at the top of the list in three events in the BHS track and field record books - the 800- and 1,600-meter dashes and the 3,200-meter relay, the last of which earned her the distinction of qualifying for the state finals as a freshman. A multiple-sport threat, she was also team MVP as a senior during her basketball squad’s run to the state quarterfinals, leading the group farther than any BHS girls team has gone, before or since.

What was it like growing up in Beaverton?

Growing up in Beaverton for me was a great childhood experience. There are so many memories of families, teachers, friendships, athletics and I even managed to have a little fun along the way!

Favorite sport to play while growing up?

Well, hands down basketball. I loved the team atmosphere, even though with track I was always proud to see us win as a team or a relay. Track was always, for me, a lot more individual pressure than basketball was. Believe it or not, I was a nervous wreck when it came to track meets.

What was your proudest athletic achievement?

Going to states in track as a freshman was awesome and making it to quarterfinals in basketball was equally as incredible. I loved it all! Bay City Times Classic was always a big honor. And, of course, still having a few Track and Field records from 1989-early 1990s is a very proud moment.

Who were some of your top competitors in area?

For track it would have to be Gladwin High School’s Erica Adams.

Do you have any good locker room/bus ride stories that you want to share?

Well, I always loved the Meridian Night Trax invitational. It wasn’t a far ride but we spent a lot of time in the bus because it was always so horribly cold/rainy.

Who inspired you athletically?

Two absolutes for this question hands down. My dad was an athlete and worked hard with me in the off seasons, and he was a big part of sports locally as a referee/umpire/starter for track meets, etc. It didn’t matter which sport it was, he was always ready with an answer or a suggestion (which I probably didn’t listen to). The second is my brother, Chris. He was always a big supporter and was a great competitor himself, so I always wanted to be right up there with him!

What does the word “Beaverton” mean to you?

Easy answer… community. So many people/families here helped me along the way. There are just so many good people here. This town has always given you such a big feeling of support.

Thoughts on being inducted to this year’s hall of fame?

It’s a big honor to be inducted this year for my individual efforts in Track and Field. I am thankful for the nomination and proud to be part of Beaverton High School history.

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Katie Parker Siwicki Brag Board

“Congrats Katie on your induction into the Hall of Fame. Your name was often mentioned when it came to conversations about track and field in our community and your name remains on the ‘big board’ as a testament to your efforts and records. Congratulations!”

– Scott Govitz