Scott Govitz / To be inducted in 2017

Scott Govitz

Announcer, Friend of Athletics

To be inducted in 2017

From team manager and videographer for Coach Van, to pre-game set up for Clarence Metzger, to statistician and scorekeeper for Coach Roy; Scott Govitz has been around Beaverton sports for decades and has served as the voice of Beavers basketball since his high school days.

Serving longer than any other public address announcer, Scott joins his Uncle Sherm Fassett, the longest tenured Beaverton football announcer and a 2015 inductee into the Hall of Fame, giving them a combined 50 plus years of P.A. work. Scott not only serves as the public address announcer but also is a staunch supporter of the community beyond the hardcourt, spending innumerable hours on community and school related endeavors.

You have long been considered the voice of the Beavers. What are your first memories of announcing ball games for the Beavers?

“I used to help with the setup of the gym and football field with Mr. Metzger when I was in jr. high. There used to be a big metal cart that Mr. Metzger wheeled into the old high school gym that we used as the PA system. That was where he announced the starting lineups from and also where I did my first intro’s from as well. I set the PA system up for home football games for my Uncle Sherm Fassett, who announced for 25 years. In addition, I had an educator when I was a freshman who realized I had an interest in public speaking. He asked me if I would like to learn how a radio station worked and I obliged. Following the initial tour at WJEB I was offered the position as a disc jockey from 6 am to 4 pm every Sunday where I opened and played gospel and classic country. I made $2.10 an hour but that was my start. Later that year (1976) I started introductions to basketball games in the late and it wasn’t until 82 or 83 that I began doing play by play, announcing if you will.”

This opportunity has literally allowed me to announce and mc hundreds of events, athletic and other. I have had the privilege of announcing men’s and women’s basketball games, football and wrestling at Central Michigan University. I’ve been the mc of our Miss Beaverton pageant for years as well as CMU pageant. Hundreds of local events, more than can be mentioned and I’ve enjoyed it all.

Beaverton is a very tight knit community. What does the Beaverton community mean to you personally?

It is a place where my parents and grandparents grew up. I am very much a traditionalist in that this community has been exceptionally good to me. I consider a great deal of my identity coming from this community. I’ve said this before, but I travel to a lot of places and this community is a unique and special place. I have seen that there truly is nothing we as a community cannot do. It is a very special place, I love it. Even if you are someone new to this community, as long as you allow yourself to be, this community will welcome you. It is so common for people to try to help others with no agenda but to simply help.

What are some of your fondest memories while announcing for the Beavers?

I wasn’t the announcer, but the 76 hoops team. Witnessing that and the excitement it caused for the community. It was really the bug that bit me for Beaver basketball and made me not want to miss another game. Most of what I enjoy isn’t announcing the game, it comes more from recognizing others and events such as the HOF and the like. The closing of the old gym and opening the new one in 1998. Recognizing such people as Mr. Metzger, Bill Mercer or the Bleacher Creatures and band, just using the microphone to honor those special people in our town and community. I’ve also enjoyed my relationships with others who have worked for years at the scorer’s tables from other schools such as Dave Spencer from Gladwin and my very early partner’s at Beaverton, Art Keeley and Rich Codling. We worked the table together for many years.

Other great memories include Beaverton vs. Gaylord in the 2002 regional final at Petoskey when the infamous Red Rave team won in a great comeback. That still gives me goosebumps.

Beaverton vs. Farwell in the 1980’s with the Ruckle boys.

Beaverton vs. Coleman during the Jim Simpson years.

Beaverton vs. Meridian when Ron Fillmore played. If there was a true fire marshal, the game would have been shut down. People were waiting in line at 4:00 pm for the 7:00 game. In my opinion, that game started the Beaverton / Meridian rivalry. There are many, many more.

What are some of the funniest moments during your time as Beaver announcer?

Most recently, our manager, Allan Friday said, after a big win at Meridian and seeing Roy a bit exhausted, “Mr. Johnston needs a beer!”

Another home game, and a rare time when the band wasn’t playing, we had scheduled to play the National Anthem by cd player. For some reason there was a mechanical problem and the player wouldn’t work. At that moment, our long time fan, Tom Bieganek said, “Give me the microphone!” He proceeded to lead the crowd in a great rendition of the Anthem except when we reached the final stanza and he sang, “And the Home, of the. FREE!” It left a lot of our visiting fans with a quizzical look on their faces. But to us it was just another funny moment!

You have been around the Beavers athletics program for a long time. Who are some of the people who have made a lasting impression on you, and why?

Clarence Metzger #1. Our family home was just down the road from Mr. Metzger’s house on Glidden Road. Mr. Metzger would pick me up on his way to all home games, football and basketball, where I would help him set up for games. All for the reason of getting in free and free popcorn and drinks at the game. Also, I just wanted to be there to watch the Beavers play ball. Mr. Metzger was and is one of my true hero’s.

Mr. Sam Bagneski

Bill Mercer

Tom Randle

Dick Merkle

Coach Van- I was a manager for Coach during the 70’s.

I also would like to mention my Uncle Ken Govitz, I always looked up to all of my uncles, but especially my Uncle Ken.

Beaverton Basketball has had a storied line of success, most of which you have had a front row seat. Instead of naming players or teams, what qualities do you feel have advocated that success?

All of our most successful teams and individuals have come from great leadership. For example, Roy demands that we play great defense. Coach Van won through his great integrity and work ethic and demanding the same from his players. Also, I can always go back to the pride we seem to have for our community. Our successful coaches have always been able to inspire our teams to play for our community instead of themselves.

I like a phrase that Roy uses in the locker room at the end of each season. He tells the boys that there is no room for crying, that needs to be left on the floor. Life isn’t fair but hard work always pays off.

Not only have you been a long time advocate of Beaverton Athletics but you have equally supported the Beaverton Community as a whole. What drives you to continue such strong support after all of these years?

I love this place. This place has been so good to me and my family. It’s a place that is in my heart. There is a part of me that believes I owe what ever successes I may have had to Beaverton and its organizations and traditions. It’s because there have been great role models, neighbors, churches and community members that have come before us that have set a standard for us to follow and I’m truly grateful for that.

We at Beaverton are very fortunate to have community minded people, such as yourself, that make Beaverton a special place. However, in an increasingly fast moving world, it is easy to take things for granted. What do you hope to see from our next generation of Beavers in order to ensure we continue the pride in our schools and community?

I like to consider myself a leader. I think it is imperative to continue to foster great leadership. If you take the great leadership we already have in our churches, schools, businesses and families and keep our schools strong, it should all self perpetuate.

List 5 words that define Beaverton.

Family, Friends, Community, Red and White

Coach Roy…… GO!

Old, tired, worn, wrinkled, Red Jacket, loose socks, answer man, professor, Mr. Peabody, Beaver Believer, Winner!

I’ve had a unique relationship with Roy. It started as his student who received swats in middle school. I was then a fan, I kept his scorebook, his statistics, his waterboy, his announcer, and he was a competitive foe that I hated playing against in softball and then ultimately a great friend for over 30 years. But just to be clear, everyone should know…. Judy rules the roost!

You’re close friend Jeff Johnston, is also being inducted in the BHS HOF this year. Use some words to describe JJ as a friend as well as his acumen as a player for the Beavers in the mid-1980’s and what it means to go into the hall at his side.

As a friend he has been a trusted confidant who has been there through it all. Good and bad. He’s been my only golf partner and I’ve enjoyed being a part of his family, watching his boys grow up and being part of their lives as well. As a player, he and the 84 squad brought great joy to our community. JJ was an all around team player who cared much more about team wins than his own personal statistics. He had a great Beaverton career as well as at Michigan Tech. It’s really cool to be able to go into our hall of fame with someone you consider to be your best friend. I am proud of him and he deserves this honor as much as anyone.

As the Beaverton Hall of Fame Committee, it is our honor to use this opportunity to thank you for your years of service and unwavering support of the Beavers and our community. What would you like to say to Beaverton in return?

It has truly been an honor to be your voice for a lot of years. You have given me a lifetime of memories from the greatest seat in the house. Beaverton and the Beavers are a part of my heart and I’m blessed to be a small part of this great place. I like to believe that somewhere along the line I was worth a couple points for my beloved Beavers.

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Scott Govitz Brag Board

“Scott Govitz has been ‘the voice’ for Beaverton High School sports for over 35 years. My earliest Beaverton basketball memories in the early 80’s weren’t even the games…it was the loud crazy red headed guy standing in the student section shouting through a giant bullhorn…’Boots Upside Your Head, Say Boots Upside Your Head’ or ‘Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey Goodbye’ to the opposing teams going home with a lose. The crowd went wild and the “Bleacher Creatures” were born. Scott created that, that school spirit and those traditions that still carry on today. Beaverton High School sports wouldn’t be the same without ‘the voice’ of Scott Govitz.”

– Brandon Calhoon

“Most know him as the voice of the Beaverton Basketball.  However, L. Scott Govitz has donated countless hours for the betterment of Beaverton Athletics, Beaverton Rural Schools, and the Beaverton community as a whole.  He is a visionary that sees a bright future for our school and community.  Scott wants nothing more to see our students be successful on the athletic field and in life.  Scott is very deserving of this award and thank you for everything you have done for our school and community.”

– Mike Bassage, Beaverton Elementary Principal

“Scott has always been a great inspiration to the Beaverton Athletics, Academics, and the entire Beaverton Community in general. He has dedicated much of his time to help support his community and others. It has been a great honor to grow up in the Beaverton Community knowing that we have leaders like Mr. Scott Govitz. His dedication, selflessness, and relentless pursuit for the betterment of our small community is what I admire most about Scott. The “Never Give Up” attitude brought the realization of the Beaverton Activity Center. Without the drive of Mr. Govitz and his countless hours this may have never been. It’s a great honor just to know Scott, but an even bigger one to call him a Friend.”

– Corey Pohlman 

“Scott has always been a dedicated ambassador of Beaverton athletics. I’ve never met anyone who loved their hometown more than Govi.”

– Tom Longcore, Gladwin Class of 84

“This man gives it all…Scott Govitz loves Beaverton and Beaverton Sports, especially basketball.  Scott’s love for basketball is so evident when you hear his warm, energetic and timely voice over the Beaverton gymnasium speaker system.  Scott also is involved in many things about Beaverton you don’t know about.  His love, devotion and hard work for Beaverton, Beaverton sports and the BAC are plenty to make him a shoe in for the next HOF class!!  Way to go Scott….we’re so glad you live in Beaverton!”

– Mike Brown

“Scott is a legend in the Beaverton community. His commitment to Beaverton Athletics is unmatched. Whether it’s creating the BHS hall of fame, announcing basketball games or spearheading the Beaverton Activity Center project, Scott’s dedication is an inspiration to his family, friends, and the Beaverton community. He is truly deserving of this honor.”

– Aaron Wentworth, Beaverton Varsity Softball Coach / JV Football Coach

“Sufficient words are hard to find that express the importance of Scott Govitz to the Beaverton Community as a whole. Philanthropy, volunteerism, advocacy and leadership are just a few that come to mind. Scott simply has a genuine love and respect for people, especially those that live in our community. He has made it his life’s work to advocate and develop opportunity for the people of his beloved hometown. In regards to Beaver Basketball, he is nearly as synonymous as Coach Roy himself. Arguably the Beavers greatest fan, Govi is an integral part of what makes it such a special tradition. So many incredible stories have unfolded over the years and The Voice of the Beavers has told them all! No one is more deserving of being inducted into the BHS Hall of Fame. Congratulations Govi, thanks for everything. Woody loves you!”

– Shad Woodruff

“Thank you for all that you have done for Beaverton and for helping our community to open the BAC. Also, you have done a lot for our town and everybody respects you. Thanks for always being there and calling me “Sissy Baby Girl.” Good job on getting into the hall of fame.”

– Love, Sayde 

“Thank you, Govi, for always doing a good job announcing for the Beavers. I hope you’ll still be there when I get to play!”

– Thanks a lot, Layk 

“The phrase, “That person has the ability to light up a room” is often used for people with infectious personalities. Govi has the ability to light up our entire gym and more-so, our town! Govi is one of those rare people that just makes life a little sweeter when he is around.

Thanks, Govi, for everything you are.”

– Congratulations, Brianne “Mama” Woodruff

“When I think of Scott Govitz, the first word that comes to mind is “loyalty”. Loyalty can be a lost art and I don’t know a person who truly embodies that attribute more than him. Because of how talented he is and his incredible charisma, he could have taken that anywhere and been extremely successful, but he chose to stay in his community and use his passion for being a GIVER to help enhance the lives of so many people around him. There are people in life that you know have been given gifts, but the question becomes, what do they do with those gifts they’ve been given? Gov uses every ounce he has to empower people, make them laugh, treat them like kings, and support and love them, no matter the circumstance.

His amazing ability to make you feel like you are the only one in the room and his genuine interest in you as a person is what makes him so unique and why people love him so much. He makes everyone feel important and is genuinely engaged in their life and well-being. I attended school in Gladwin and me not being a Beaverton native is not important to him. He has always been extremely supportive, positive and encouraging to my family and I. Being a friend of his is having a gift in my life. Each person who has that, will forever have positivity to lean on in Scott Govitz, and that is treasure that is very difficult to find. You deserve every accolade you get, Gov and many more! You’re the best…congrats!”

– Billy Shellenbarger

“I can’t imagine a Beaverton Beaver home game without Scott behind the scorers table announcing. His voice is every bit a part of the Beaverton Basketball Tradition as the beaver slide, the red blazer and the Bleacher Creatures…which he started over three decades ago. Scott exudes everything that’s great about Beaverton and represents the hard working people that fill the gym to the rafters year after year.

– Jason Brown